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Top 10 Real Estate Transaction Management Solution Companies - 2021

The COVID-19 outbreak momentarily disrupted the global real estate market. Stagnant construction was one of the key issues that surfaced in this labor-intensive industry. The pandemic has sparked a revolution in the real estate industry, with various internet players now offering cutting-edge technology solutions to their customers. A prolific real estate company is well aware of how easily transactions may fall apart. Bottlenecks, errors, or merely a single missing document or signature and the process comes to a grinding halt. Therefore, companies in the real estate sector are taking a more expansive approach, dismantling existing systems and creating wholly new ones that can meet the increased demand for affordable and flexible real estate.

Digitally signing critical papers is increasingly becoming the preferred contract and disclosure management method for both agents and clients. Today the marketplace is disruptive, with several real estate transaction management providers offering a wide range of innovative solutions to boost output and lower compliance risk. By leveraging real estate transaction management solutions, companies can make digital document management and electronic signatures straightforward and accessible for everything from contracts to state forms.

To help companies choose the solution that best fits their requirement, PropTech Outlook has compiled a list of the most promising real estate transaction management solution providers. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you PropTech Outlook’s ‘Top 10 Real Estate Transaction Management Solution Providers - 2021.’  

    Top Real Estate Transaction Management Solution Companies

  • Platinum TC Services is a real estate company that delivers premier transaction coordination (TC) services to streamline the administrative tasks and complex paperwork in a real estate deal. Through its comprehensive array of services, the company ensures that all required signatures and initials are complete on the contract, verifies necessary contract addenda inclusions, fills in commission disbursement forms, opens files with escrow companies, and performs several other legal and administrative services in turn, allowing realtors to focus on their expertise

  • Founded in 2015, Texas-based ZOCCAM streamlines the home-buying experience by enabling the parties to securely send funds and documents to the title company and lender. ZOCCAM takes manual delivery, deposit & document management out of the closing processes as well as security risks out of the transaction eliminating potential fraud for the buyer, seller, agent and broker. The company caters to the reduction of risk and transaction time while increasing security and transparency but at the same time creating trust in the transaction by authenticating the borrower’s identification

  • Brokermint


    Brokermint is a complete brokerage management solution which is trusted by today's leading real estate professionals, from small agency startups to established brokerages, to help them handle all parts of their back office chores through a single centralised dashboard. Brokermint is being used by residential real estate brokerages to integrate their back offices. All the data and information clients need is at their fingertips, from tailoring commission structures to keeping compliance with agent onboarding. Brokermint integrates all important office tasks into a single system, as part of a larger industry movement to automate and remove manual data entry

  • CoStar Group

    CoStar Group

    CoStar Group is the most trusted provider of commercial real estate data, analytics, and online marketplaces. CoStar, founded in 1987, performs extensive, continuous research in order to create and maintain the world's largest and most comprehensive database of commercial real estate data. Clients can use CoStargroup's online services to analyse, understand, and obtain unrivalled insight into commercial property prices, market circumstances, and current availability. CoStar Group's websites receive tens of millions of unique monthly visitors. CoStar, headquartered in Washington, DC, has locations across the United States, as well as in Europe, Canada, and Asia, and employs over 4,600 people worldwide, including the industry's largest professional research unit

  • Dotloop


    Dotloop is a fully integrated transaction management platform for real estate brokers, teams, agents, and customers that minimises paperwork, allows for seamless collaboration, and boosts productivity and compliance. All parties may generate, share, eSign, and save papers in real time using dotloop, allowing them to close deals faster and more efficiently. With dotloop, real estate agents no longer have to prepare contracts, move them over to a different system for eSignatures and finally upload them into yet another platform for compliance. One solution, one login. With half a million active agents and 10,000 Brokerages and Teams, dotloop is a proven transaction management software

  • Form Simplicity

    Form Simplicity

    Form simplicity is a cloud-based platform that serves the real estate industry by providing real estate professionals with an end-to-end, digital real estate transaction management solution to expedite real estate transactions to create more deals and less paperwork. Form Simplicity gives real estate agents and brokers the tools to create, manage, share, and store transactions digitally in the cloud, the key to fully digital transactions. Users can create and edit transactions on mobile devices. Tech Helpline, the real estate industry's number one tech support service, supports Form Simplicity. Form Simplicity and Tech Helpline are wholly owned and operated by Florida Realtors based in Orlando, Fla

  • Lead2deed


    Lead2Deed is a cutting-edge real estate management tool that is unlike anything else on the market. Its foundation is built around a robust CRM system with a transaction management core. It's an all-in-one platform that allows real estate agents entire control over their business, allowing them to cultivate relationships with leads and clients while managing all elements of property listings and transactions. Lead2deed optimizes company processes while also increasing capacities. It tells a company exactly what they need to do and when they need to do it. Custom communication procedures help them manage their leads and clients. Individual agents and teams will benefit from the software's access level control

  • Paperless Pipeline

    Paperless Pipeline

    Paperless Pipeline is cloud-based software available via all major web-browsers. it is a provider of online access to real estate transactions and related documents.This service enables office brokers and officers to assign and track tasks associated to particular transactions. There are checklists, activities, and documents for review, as well as security functions, like file encryption and backups. Users add documents into the platform by scanning, emailing, or uploading them. Documents are then assigned to a particular agent and reviewed after completion. It is the world's simplest software for real estate transaction and commission management

  • Reeazily


    Reeazily is a cloud-based SaaS application for the real estate industry. Reeazily offers a suite of products, including broker.EZTM, which makes the real estate back office EaZy. The cloud based solution allows brokerage firms of all sizes to manage real estate transactions and billing centrally through a web browser. Its highly intuitive interface makes it effortless for users to learn, and its strategic integrations help eliminate duplicate entry and streamline processing files. Real estate back offices around the country can streamline operations and improve efficiencies with the reeazily cloud based software innovation

  • Transactly


    Transactly is a real estate technology platform that organises and controls the real estate closing process. It is the first tech-enabled transaction coordinator service. Customers will have their own devoted and highly rated coordinator, as well as a whole organisation backing them and their business, when they hire them. The company's platform provides tech-enabled transaction coordinators that help real estate professionals coordinate the myriad duties and moving components that occur throughout a real estate transaction, allowing brokers and agents to provide better value-added service and make more income